Below is a Progress Report received from 5542 Group which outlines the planned approach for the rebuild of 4160.    We have all been affected by COVID in various ways, this includes the rebuilding of the locomotive.   We were initially unaware how much this would affect the programme, but we are now seeing positive progress.     All heritage railways seem to have been affected in this way.


This has been a frustrating time for the Directors of 4160 ltd in not being able to move the rebuild forward.   We are cautiously optimistic and much encouraged by the way 5542 group are managing this difficult situation. 


We were encouraged to hear from shareholders who reminded us how much we have achieved in the last 30 years since we took over custody of this locomotive.


Mike Crees






Since arriving at Buckfastleigh from Llangollen the frames, boiler, bunker, tanks, wheels and components have moved around the site on a number of occasions. 

Due to COVID the 4160 progress stalled significantly and after COVID the South Devon Railway has had reduced manpower available for their work in hand. Nevertheless, the frames did receive some attention on loose rivets and some preparation in readiness for painting, undercoat and topcoat have been applied inside the frames. The frames then moved inside the workshops for a period of dimensional inspection in the horn areas – The axleboxes were also inspected to scope any remedial works required. The frames are currently stored under tarpaulin awaiting the next phase of works. 

The boiler arrived at Buckfastleigh in an unfinished condition with some works to be completed. The SDR use Allianz as their inspection body whereas the Langollen railway used British Engineering Services as their inspection body. As all previous inspection has been conducted by BES it is intended to carry on with BES as the 4160 inspection body at the SDR for continuity purposes. Enquiries with BES have been made and it is hoped to have the state of condition known soon following the necessary documentary analysis and appropriate visits. 

Meanwhile the components which were collected from Llangollen have been collated and are now stored in containers in readiness for their survey/overhaul/repair/replacement. A large prairie when disassembled requires a lot of storage space and the stillages were unpacked components photographed and repacked with the stillages numbered and a consolidated list made. 

The tanks are stored adjacent to the frames and are open vented to prevent ‘sweating’ and associated corrosion, the bunker is now moved to a long term storage area – both these items will be subject to state of condition survey in due course. The wheels which are tyre profiled already are now stored in a long term storage area awaiting the axleboxes being ready. 

Once the way ahead is known with the boiler the identified works will be dovetailed into the SDR Boiler shop programme. Meanwhile, the SDR Locomotive, Carriage and Wagon staff and volunteers will continue to progress some items in the margins of other works to conduct the survey/overhaul/repair/replacement of components.  


5542 Group

December 2023



4160 frames being worked on at South Devon Railway, Buckfastleigh.














Pictures by courtesy of Derek Goult

Further work on 4160 frames.













Pictures by courtesy of Derek Goult

Further work on 4160 frames.













Pictures by courtesy of Derek Goult



The WSRA have mutually agreed with Mr Crees and Mr Johnson an agreement which benefits the Four One Six 0 Ltd and WSRA, enabling the Company and the Charity to move forward in a positive way so both can concentrate on their respective heritage objectives.


27th February 2022

Time Gone By

Nearly 60 years ago, near the end of 4160's working life on British Rail, driver Llewelyn Davies (second left with hat)  and Fireman Jack Davies (first left) and others were photographed at Aberdare Station(!) in front of 4160 about 1964.    This reflects a different era in the history of railways.   Llewelyn Davies was born in 1904 and lived in Aberaman and worked all his life on the railway.   He worked his way up to driver, and  retired when steam was made obsolete and he passed away in 1976 aged 72.  He gave 45 years of service to the railway and on his retirement was presented with a watch (pictured below).     He married Sarah and had 5 children.  Llewelyn's normal route was Aberdare to Pontypool Road and Severn Tunnel.     On the return trip from Pontypool with a goods train he would stop at Cwnbach Halt to pick up his daughter, pram plus grandchild and put them in the guards van and drop them off at Aberdare station.    His grandson Russel Jones supplied the photographs and this charming story, we hope that more information will be discovered about the others in the photograph.

Mike Crees - November 2021


Photograph by kind permission of South Devon Railway



The locomotive 4160 was moved from Llangollen Railway workshop to the South Devon Railway at Buckfastleigh to complete her rebuild.    The removal crew was headed up by Ray Lee and Paul Johnson, both 4160 directors and helped by John Hasker and  Mick Prior both shareholders also Ray's brother Andrew Lee of R&A Commercials, driver "Bubbles" from Brett Ellacott Haulage and driver "Metal" from SM Smith Haulage .     They did a fantastic job of locating all the components in not the most ideal conditions and getting them safely loaded onto the transport assisted by the staff of Llangollen works.   On arrival at Buckfastleigh there was a crew of 8 volunteers and staff ready to unload and store all the components, they all did an expert job and I would like to thank them for their assistance. 

The 5542 Group will now be custodians of 4160 for the next 13 years.  We look forward to our association  with 5542 and SDR to help preserve this popular locomotive.  

Mike Crees, Chairman

10th October 2020                                      MORE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THE GALLERY





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Mike Crees


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